Project Dates:
June 03, 2013
August 31, 2013

mall screens and digital billboards across Canada


Digital billboards in the following cities: Vancouver, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, and Halifax. Malls in the following cities: Burnaby; Nanaimo; Vancouver; Victoria; Coquitlam; Calgary; Edmonton; Winnipeg; Belleville; Brampton; Burlington; Guelph; Lynden; Mississauga; Toronto; Newmarket; Oakville; Oshawa; Ottawa; Toronto; Waterloo; Windsor; Brossard; Hull; Montreal; Quebec City; Repentigny; Trois-Rivieres; Dartmouth

Dear City Canada – Summer 2013

Dear City Canada surfaces on public screens and digital billboards across Canada with urban love letters

Pattison Onestop and Spacing Magazine present Dear City Canada, an innovative cross-country, public art project and dialogue about the cities we inhabit.

Introducing the project on ground level from June 3 – June 30, tweeted letters will play every five minutes on Pattison’s digital mall network, reaching more than five million viewers weekly in 33 English-language shopping centres across Canada.

Throughout July and August, 65 tweeted love letters by urbanists in cities from coast to coast expressing pride and joy, opinions and criticisms, love and suggestions about our cities, will be shared on Pattison’s digital billboards in 18 cities. The Dear City letters being presented were selected from 300 tweeted to @DearCityCanada over the past two months.

“Spacing is excited by this project because it gets more art into public spaces, and with Dear City Canada, the opportunity to participate is wide open. We hope to see lots of city love — and even some tough love — up there on those screens,” said Shawn Micallef, Editor, Spacing Magazine.

“Public space is no longer only comprised of physical structures. Digital screens and billboards offer new sites for public art and an exchange of ideas. Dear City Canada is my first attempt at starting a national discussion about the cities we inhabit.  We have been receiving all sorts of wonderful ‘love letters.’ I’m looking forward to sharing @DearCityCanada tweets on billboards and screens across the country this summer,” said Sharon Switzer, Arts Programmer and Curator, Pattison Onestop.

Billboard Cities and Dates:

July 1 – July 14, 2013
Vancouver (Pender StreetGiorgia Street ViaductPacific Blvd), Pitt MeadowsAbbotsford, SudburyKitchenerHamiltonTorontoPeterboroughKingston, Ottawa, Montreal (Villeray – St Michel – Parc ExtensionCarignan), Moncton, and HalifaxSelect links for more detailed information on billboard locations.

July 29 – August 11, 2013

9th Avenue, 6 meters west of 4th Street SW (July 29 – August 11, guaranteed)
Barlow Trail, north of Airport Rd (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)
Macleod Trail, 100m south of 146 Ave SE (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)

97th Street at 111 Avenue (July 29 – August 11, guaranteed)
112 Avenue, north of Stadium Road (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)
34 Avenue, 12m west of 92 Street (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)
Yellowhead Trail, west of 73 Street (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)

Arcola Avenue, east of Elliott Street (July 29- August 11, guaranteed)

Wellington Avenue, east of Flight Road (July 29 – August 11, guaranteed)
Pembina Highway, 120ft north of Nesbitt Bay (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)
Portage Avenue, 61m west of Maryland St (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)
Disraeli Freeway, just north of Higgins Ave (July 29 – August 11, when space is available)

Central Locations and & Dates

300 LaSalle Blvd, 700 ft E/O St Jerome St (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 15-28, when space is available)

Victoria St N, 100 ft E/O Shirley Ave (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 15-28, when space is available)
Manitou Dr, 1000 ft S/O Sasaga Dr (July 1 -28, when space is available)

1125 King St E, 35 ft W/O Connaught Ave N (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 15-28, when space is available)
1039 Upper James St @ Aldridge St (July 1 -28, when space is available)

2410 Bloor St W (Roof) 105 ft W/O Armadale Ave  (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 22-28, when space is available)
2904 Sheppard Ave E (Roof) @ Victoria Park Ave (Scarborough) (July 1 -28, when space is available)
Kennedy Rd, 215 ft S/O Shropshire Dr (Scarborough) (July 1 -28, when space is available)
Highway 27, 75 ft S/O Highway 409 (July 8 -28, when space is available)
Highway 27, 385 m N/O Dixon Rd (July 8 -28, when space is available)

The Parkway, 390 ft S/O Lansdowne St W (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 15-28, when space is available)

625 Princess St, 125 ft W/O Albert St (July 1 – 14 guaranteed; July 15-28, when space is available)
311 Bath Rd, 540 ft E/O Portsmouth Ave (July 1 -28, when space is available)
Gardiners Rd, 70 ft S/O Centennial Dr (July 8 -28, when space is available)


Tweets being Presented on Pattison Digital Billboards:

@OfficeGuru247 – Dear Vancouver, I love waking up to the mountains every day. Its like living in a popup storybook.
@marianavictoria – Dear Vancouver, You’re like the hot, expensive girlfriend that everyone wants but can’t afford.
@vegcoastvan – Dear Vancouver, Your transit-accessible hikes, bike lanes, and vegan joints are endearing, but your attitude needs work.
@sengsuriya – Dear Vancouver, I love your bikeways on the Eastside, expanding food carts, pocket parks and enthusiasm for urban farming.
@yulst – Dear Vancouver, I love you because your many corners & streets hold a warm reminder of things that make up our lives.
@andrealcaesar – Dear Vancouver, Just when I think u can’t get any more beautiful, the sun sets over kits beach & I find my way to the ocean.
@BlogTrot Dear – Vancouver, There’s always a rainbow after your rains.
@SoLauraBarker – Dear Vancouver, The reason why you are so pretty and fresh is because you take a shower almost everyday.
@sheryllea – Dear Surrey, I love you but why are you so misunderstood?
@dynamitedarling – Dear Surrey, You sure know how to show a girl a great time, from fishing and hiking to shopping and the arts, you got it all!
@BlogTrot – Dear Surrey, These are just growing pains, you’ll come out better on the other side.

Pitt Meadows
@sarahronald_art – Dear Pitt Meadows, Your water ways and back roads inspire creativity, athleticism, a sense of peace, and happy dogs.

@WestCoastBelle – Dear Abbotsford, you aren’t the biggest or the fanciest, but you always feel like home. Thanks. ♥

@RachelDeWolfe – Dear Calgary, I love driving west on Heritage in the morning and seeing the rising sun shine on the mountains.
@oxyyc – Dear Calgary, I’ve loved u since the tower was husky & Eau Claire had bus barns. I cannot BE anywhere else.
@SeisWare – Dear Calgary, The magic of the Chinook keeps spirits high; a sunny break from the alarmingly cold weather.
@SeisWare – Dear Calgary, Thanks for the metal footprints on sidewalk grates. We love wearing heels in downtown Calgary.

@etechne – Dear Edmonton, I love how you “keep working at it”.
@sjchai – Dear Edmonton, Thanks for the everlasting summer sunsets, winter wonderland wanders, and all those who ‘Make Something Edmonton’.
@CADevaney – Dear Edmonton, Our relationship has been so one sided. U’ve always given me unconditional love but I’ve given u nothing in return.
@erinbrose – Dear Edmonton, You bring me blizzards and storms but you always bring me home with every ray of sun shining on the river.
@emmystue – Dear Edmonton, You have grit, you have soul, you have colour and tenacity. There’s nowhere I’d rather call home. XO
@alixkrahn – Dear Edmonton, A prairie city is the only place that feels like home – big skies, big dreams, deep roots.

@TracyHamon – Dear Regina, Hunkered on the plain, you are forever skyscraped and man-made, your lake-shored beauty home to many gaggles.
@visartshow – Dear Regina, Remember your roots as you rise from the prairie.
@ReginaUrbanEco – Dear Regina, I cherish your modest beginnings and collaborative DIY spirit. Never doubt your potential for real greatness.

- all Winnipeg locations
@Wheelerj28 – Dear Winnipeg, Don’t care about stats. Don’t care how many #potholes we have, you still are, and always will be ‘One Great City’.
@scalded_flea – Dear Winnipeg, You are more than mosquitoes & sunshine. You have the most warm hearted people in the country. Period.
@Emiliest – Dear Winnipeg, It’s this city, it’s my friends I’d follow you until the end. It’s the cracks in the road, it’s the lineup at the Toad.
- not @ Wellington Avenue, east of Flight Road location
@Mike_Hutchins0n – Dear Winnipeg, I love the fact you’re not self-conscious about being flat! Big hills are overrated.
@TDK_Knight – Dear Winnipeg, Your a prairie fire beyond time to horizons lines out from p&m as fogs roll by today tomorrow I smile to see.
- only @ Wellington Avenue, east of Flight Road location
@tatterededge – Dear Winnipeg, You can take the girl out of WPG, but you cannot take the WPG out of the girl. You will always be home to me.
@Quintaine – Dear Winnipeg, I wish the rest of Canada knew how awesome you are. They’re missing out – especially in Summer!

@theToineTweets – Dear Sudbury, What I like about you: Porketta Bingo, Northern Water Sports Centre, Greater Sudbury outdoor hockey rinks and Laurentian U.
@PatTheDogPDC – Dear Sudbury, We love that your people are deeply rooted in earth, ore & nickel, but also constantly reaching up to the sky.
@AngelaGemmill – Dear Sudbury, I love your trails & rock formations. I feel like I’m in the country when really it’s the heart of a busy city.

@AsceticPress – Dear Kitchener, Your skywalks and glockenspiels and pizza joints huddle in the minor corners of your downtown life.
@stevekrysak – Dear Kitchener, I love your farmer’s market and sharrows on King.
@PatTheDogPDC – Dear Kitchener, We love that you just as easily have a blackberry in one hand and a theatre mask in the other.
@mikeboos – Dear Kitchener, Your new bicycle-friendly downtown is awesome.

@InderLahn – Dear Hamilton, Please meet me half way, but not on a one way.
@JJinHamOnt – Dear Hamilton, I love your gritty, never quit attitude. You’re the urban embodiment of the ideal Canadian hockey player.
@HamiltonConsFDN – Dear Hamilton, We love that there’s a place in your big, blue-collar heart for the city’s lush, green escarpment lands!

@theMichaelChen – Dear Toronto, I love sitting in the big red canoe facing the Gardiner and rowing against a river of flowing cars.
@britonian – Dear Toronto, I love taking the ferry over 2 the islands & looking @ the lovely skyline & realizing this is where my heart is.
@CarlyDunsterLaw – Dear Toronto, I love your mix and your match and your to and your fro. You are messy and unbridled and full of the best.
@LukeLaRocque – Dear Toronto, You drive me absolutely crazy with frustration. I can think of no better place to be.
@carrieb_rad – Dear Toronto, I love your urban parts and wild parks. You’ve stolen this girl’s BC heart. Love Carrie.
@BrianaTegan – Dear Toronto, You’re a big city, filled with sweet people, a touch of crazy, & a perfect mix of urban & nature. I love you.
@ShawnyJeann – Dear Toronto, I planned to stay for a year and have stayed for 8 and counting. You had me at sushi.
@theMelissa – Dear Toronto, Birds’ chatter, Streetcar rumble, Foreign tongues, Knife sharpener clang, Lake lapping, Hush of the night.

@LisaUnraveled – Dear Peterborough, You’re a city with a Little Lake and a big heart. Surrounded by nature, nurtured by friends. You are home.
@Troutinplaid – Dear Peterborough, One thing I like about you is your unique arts community and music!
@EGregPulham – Dear Peterborough, I love traveling your trails on two wheels and two feet – great ways to commute and commune.

@pjrplan – Dear Kingston, The lake is magnificent. You’ve got the space, make the waterfront amazing! You can do it, really …

@FCM_DonnaC – Dear Ottawa, I love the sunrise over Dow’s Lake on a dewey Spring morning.
@EveMarieR – Dear Ottawa, I love the farm on Innes Rd; holding out against all the big box stores. Feeding those cows was my childhood.
@Michael1963a – Dear Ottawa, I love the company you keep: Gatineau and all the towns and villages of west Quebec and eastern Ontario.

@Kiss_Me_Im_Gay – Cher Montréal, Je marche sur St-Catherine où le passé rencontre le présent et je sais chez-toi est où tu trouves ton bonheur.
@LaurelHounslow – Cher Montréal, Je suis une anglaise qui vous aime. Vos marchés, vos restaurants, votre histoire, votre culture, vos citoyens.

@julianhowatt – Dear Moncton, Ce nomade & fermier urbain vous remercie de l’accueil enthousiaste. I look forward to the next few years here!
@garybmacleod – Dear Moncton, Home Family Friends Beach Ocean Sun Rain Snow Heart Hug First Kiss Tears Smile Play Learn Grow Life Time Love …

@bhindmarsh – Dear Halifax, I love your windy, beer-sodden, reconstructed peninsula, full of warm hearts and warmer seafood chowders.
@danni_mega – Dear Toronto, I am breaking up with you for Halifax.
@mypublicoffice – Dear Halifax, You’re a stubborn rock, rough and gritty, yet still, somehow, an inspiring city that I’m proud to call home.
@VeeSimmonds – Dear Halifax, Your people make up for your rain.
@Seanmaire – Dear Halifax, I love the fact that you honour your past while looking to the future. I really am back home.


Dear City Canada is part of Art in Transit, Pattison Onestop’s ongoing arts and culture programme, presenting thought-provoking projects that enhance our shared environment and transport city-dwellers, if only momentarily, out of our daily routines. www.artintransit.ca

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About Art in Transitwww.artintransit.ca
Art in Transit represents Pattison Onestop’s ongoing arts and culture programme, presenting thought-provoking projects that enhance our shared environment and transport commuters, shoppers and city-dwellers, if only momentarily, out of their daily routines.

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