Project Dates:
May 18, 2015
July 04, 2015

935 Gladstone Avenue; 1020 Somerset Street; 2026 Scott Street


cARTe blanche – May 2015

Art in Transit Celebrates City of Ottawa Public Art Program with Pilot Billboard Art Project

Art in Transit and the City of Ottawa are proud to announce the launch of a new public arts initiative.

The cARTe blanche pilot project is part of Ottawa’s Public Art Program and its 30 year celebration of providing public art opportunities for artists in Ottawa. The project will display, on PATTISON Outdoor advertising billboards, images that outline artists’ imagined concepts for future public art projects within Ottawa.

cARTe blanche projects were selected by an independent professional arts Peer Assessment Committee. The five selected artworks by local artists will appear for eight weeks on billboards in the following locations:

  • Jean-Fran├žois Lacombe, A Beacon in a Concrete Sea – 935 Gladstone Avenue (facing West)
  • Christos Pantieras, Clickbait – 935 Gladstone Avenue (facing East)
  • Alisdair MacRae, Billboard for the Homeless – 1020 Somerset Street (facing West)
  • Annette Hegel and Timothy Hunt, The Group of Seven, Set Adrift – 2026 Scott Street (facing West)
  • Tony Fouhse and Paul Cavanaugh, Poster, Rebel Action Plan - 2026 Scott Street (facing East)


“PATTISON Outdoor is delighted to help celebrate Ottawa Public Art Program’s 30thanniversary and the enrichment of the city’s cultural landscape,” said Eric Schaff, Sales Manager, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising. “Ottawa has been at the forefront of arts and cultural enrichment in Canada, and the opportunity for our Art in Transit programme to partner with projects like cARTe blanche and to feature outstanding works of art that promote creativity and innovation is a pleasure.”

The billboard pilot project began on May 18, and the artworks will be on display for eight weeks until early July.

“The City of Ottawa Public Art Program is excited to partner with PATTISON Outdoor Advertising’s Art in Transit programme on the cARTe blanche billboard project as part of our 30th anniversary celebration,” said Councillor Diane Deans, Chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee. “As a pilot project that will showcase imagined concept images for future public art, each of the five selected images will connect residents and visitors to the work of Ottawa’s dynamic visual artists. The goal is that the work will provide new and unexpected visual experiences for one-time or repeat viewers, and will spark a creative vision for future public art in Ottawa.”

For more information about cARTe blanche and the City of Ottawa Public Art Program’s 30thanniversary activities and events, visit ottawa.ca/liveculture.

The artwork, themes or services offered in cARTe blanche are those of the artists and do not represent those of the City of Ottawa or PATTISON Outdoor Advertising.